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garden: A history

This is an example of the progression of a simple installation over time.

IMG_2166 (2)
2015 A year after planting
2016 Starting to take hold
IMG_5079 (2)
2017 Fairly grown in now

So, you can see that a garden is a living work in progress.

Create a new facade (Before)


This homeowner did not care for her existing hibiscus hedge nor the expanse of stucco along the front of her home.  She considered construction, but when she received the estimate it was obvious that the costs did not make

Create a new facade (After)

TONI'S FACADE AFTERColor!  That’s what the homeowner wanted and it was created by using a variety of perennials.  At the far end of the façade a cylindrical cypress has been planted which will both soften the expanse of stucco and grow nearly as high as the balcony.

Let’s upgrade this entry (Before)

IMG_0440This garden is a showplace for native plants.  Unfortunately, those located along the entry stairway had died and the homeowner was left with great hardscape and bare dirt.  The plan was to incorporate succulents into a tapestry which would enhance the experience of arriving at the beautiful, wooden, hacienda style courtyard doors.

Let’s upgrade this entry (After)

IMG_0702Because this entry had great visual appeal with existing hardscape, the addition of colorful succulents hit a homerun.  The plants will grow to a certain point, but will remain the proper proportions so as not to over crowd the beds along the steps