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Lawn Conversion (Before)

LORI BELLI BEFOREWhen removing a lawn, you need to think about what you’re going to replace it with.

Lawn Conversion (After)

lori afterIn this case, an orchard was selected, surrounded by gravel.  The drip tubing waters only the trees and the rest of the area remains unwatered, saving on the water bill.  As the trees mature, they’ll fill in nicely.

Front Garden Make Over (Before)


My client moved into a beautiful home overlooking the ocean.  The downside was that her front lawn was being used as the neighborhood doggie bathroom.  She did not want to build a wall so we chose to install a “wall” of succulents.

Grass Removal to create a Succulent Garden

This garden was a showcase of beautiful, low water native plants.  The homeowners had developed a real interest in succulents and they decided they need to have some in their garden.  The existing water guzzling lawn no longer had a place on their low water property, so it had to go.  They decided to do a conversion.
In the after photos you can see that we brought in soil to create mounding and architectural interest.  The clients had a love of color so we installed plants which would make them happy.  These photos were taken 18 months after the installation and the succulents have really taken off.  My clients were delighted with the results!
Before project